Adorable Kid Holding Chicken

Our Story.

Mary Matilda is a labour of love. Family is our constant source of inspiration. We started this business with a vision. We're here to spread the Light and Love that our families have shared with us. Local makers and organic goods are our passion. We love to see happy kids, and are striving to make smiles with clothes and kicks that make life's adventures possible. 
Jodi's Story: I'm a Manitoba girl turned farmer's wife and a mom to 4 beautiful children. I'm a proud auntie and I've watched in awe as my lovely sisters and nieces have become incredible moms to their small tribes. They are a constant source of inspiration as they love on their babies across the prairies and on into the U.S. and into the Deep South. Their collaborations are invaluable. Many ideas have been born while swimming at the Smoky or huddled around a bonfire at Slave Lake. And always with family. Family and friends make my world go round. Last but not least... my boys on the farm are my biggest cheerleaders and my daughter as she motivates me to share my passion and love for all the little humans that make the earth such a happy place.
Lisa's Story: 
I've always wanted to own a store. To share items I love with the world around me, to hear people's stories, and to find that perfect item for the littles in your lives. Life happened. I married the boy next door, and we have four beautiful children. We live on a small farm in the country, and it's our version of paradise. The store dream never wavered, and I'm eternally grateful to my family and friends for cheering for me all the way. I could never do it without you. I can't wait to see where this adventure takes us.