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Adorable Kid Holding Chicken

Our Story.

Mary Matilda is a labor of love and family our constant source of inspiration. We started our shoppe with a vision of a simple childhood, reminiscent of happy by-gone days.  We're here to spread the Light and Love that our grandmas  have shared with us and our families.  Artisanal makers and exceptional goods are our passion and we're constantly striving to perfect our organic collection. 

Jodi's Story: (Mary's granddaughter)
Deep family roots and a love for the land has me grounded in Northern Alberta. Together with my husband, we've raised our family on a third generation mixed farm on the banks of the Smoky River Valley. The close knit rural community and agricultural lifestyle are a constant source of creative energy. The invaluable collaboration with friends and family have motivated my passion to curate the happiest closets for tiny humans.   

Lisa's Story: (Matilda's granddaughter)
I've always wanted to own a store. To share love with the world around me, to hear people's stories, and to find that perfect piece for the littles in your world.  Life happened. I married the boy next door, and we have four beautiful children. We live on a small farm in the country, and it's our version of paradise. The store dream never wavered, and I'm eternally grateful to my family and friends for cheering me along the way. I could never do it without you and I can't wait to see where this adventure takes us. 
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